Club and private house

In clubs and private houses it is the owner who is responsible for following the rules for running a sex business.


In a club the host(ess) welcomes the clients and brings them to the bar, where they can have a(n) (alcoholic) drink. Usually you also have security and bar personnel working in a club. Clients choose which sexworker they want to get in contact with, but the choice is yours if you want to get in contact with the client as well and if you take an alcoholic beverage yourself with the client or not.

Private house

In a private house you sit together with your fellow sexworkers in a common room. When a client arrives, the host(ess) introduces the client to the sexworkers one by one. The client makes his choice and leaves with the sexworker to a private room. You may decide yourself how you want to be introduced and if you want to go to a private room with a client or not. A private house usually doesn’t have a license to serve alcohol.